Let me make experiments, show my nightmares, perform my wishes, my ideas... Everything that doesn't fit, or that does, but always through my point of view. Let's love art by herself...


The Narcissus we all have inside unchained from my point of view, becomes a cover letter for the models that have trusted my work. Men and women showing feelings and expressing through my lens their different natures, let it real or imaginary.


When background becomes a secondary force, nature reveals itself unpredictably and spontaneously, showing all her beauty and reality. No place for catches, no place for cheats, this is just a unique and unrepeatable moment.


As a photographer, you catch all those little moments that awaken your attention. These landscapes are craving for being distilled in a capsule which holds the moment, so it can become alive forever.


Beyond photography posing, that mask that we all try to pretend, a human being becomes the object of itself. Unconscious of being watched the darkest and -at the same time- innocent part of the soul that is the truly essence of our being breaks free for we all to testify.


Animate the inanimate. Convincing from the static. Add volume to flat. Create from the unreal. give life to the inert. An object in front of the camera becomes a model that transmit the sole purpose for which it was created: to be sold.


The sin lies in the eyes of the beholder. Are you sure you want to look?