Since I'm old enough to remember, I've always liked photography, but I didn't had my first camera until my twenties. My photography birth was directly digital, and that small Konica-Minolta confirmed what I wondered: I was becoming a photography addict. In almost no time jumped to the reflex world, which came to stay, and learning and practicing what originaly was a hobbie became something more, much bigger. Now, in my thirties, photography still is an addiction, but the good thing is very few works are able to keep the flame in you like the very first day.

Subjects in my photos had varied a lot since then. A good friend of mine, photographer too, had already advised me: you will start by taking pictures of every object at your reach, you'll do nature, landscape, animals... But you will always want more, you'll need people, and go on expressing yourself going always a bit further... So it was, and since then I've done some weddings (won't again!!), events, teather, books for models, and always try to keep some personal projects on.

With all of this, one of my recurrent subjects always is the beauty of men. We live in a world where beauty feels like women monopoly, and altough I can't deny the absolute beauty of a beautyful woman, I want to to stick up for changing the way the world see men, with its own beauty.

Here you have some of my ideas and work. I hope you like it, or hate it, but what I really don't hope is your indiference.

Lastly, I want to thank some people who have helped me with this project: to Fermín, who is always at my side, to Borja, who gave me that final "ommph" that I needed to take photography seriously, and to all the models who put every day in front of my camera and help me to be a bit better each day.